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History of Paintless dent repair

paintless dent repair was created in Feb 1960 by Oskar Flaig during a “International Motorsport Show” in NY. dent-repairOskar was a staff member of Mercedes. His job was to take care of the show cars at trade shows. Scratches and dents would produce on the vehicle from visitors touching the vehicles during the day. At the trade show one day in New york Oskar decided to use a hammer handle to push out a small dent so he would only need to apply a smaller portion of filler before he would have to paint it. After the process the results looked perfect after pushing, that was officially the first paintless dent repair.

paintless dent repair since then was practiced in argentina, Australia and in 1986 it was reintroduced in the United States. Now many Body shops and entrepreneurs have started to learn and take PDR lessons.

Paintless Dent Removal

Dents are frequently a reality that cannot be avoided . Restoring your vehicle to its original state can be a lot easier and a lot more cost effective then you may think. its also an investment in your vehicle that restores its value after a hail store, stray bicycle or grocery cart or a random fly ball.

You dont have to take your vehicle to a body shop. We have the process and technology (PDR) that allows us to fix a wide scope of dents.

The benefits of paintless Dent Repair includes:

  • Restoring your vehicles value
  • Get your vehicle back faster then any body shop
  • Repairs that are guaranteed to satisfy

Paintless dent repair should be performed by trained professionals and qualified technicians. We are certified by Reserve a time slot today and restore your vehicle to its factory look.

Dents will happen

Even on our best days, there are always accidents that happen. Whether you’re at work, the grocery store, mother nature or plain and simple you got someone mad at you. Your vehicle ends up taking one for the team. Thats where we come in and help you make it a better day.
A body shop will have to do a new paint job and it affects your factory finish, this also devalues your car. We restore your value with our high quality paintless solution. and the best part is that it is completely cost effective over body shop repairs. its cheaper and you value your car, what more can you expect.